SPK Iskry


Iskry's repertoire is large and vast, ranging from all of Poland as well as some dances from neighboring countries. Here are some of the song and dances that Iskry performs


The elements of the Polish Highland dances were echoed in music composed
by Stanislaw Moniuszko in his opera “Halka”, and had a strong impact on the
character and drama of this national opera. Highlander culture is distinctive as
it is rich in its architecture, music, painting and its colourful costumes are highly
original, reflecting the unique environment in which they were created.
Music - Stanislaw Moniuszko, Opera Halka Choreography - Sandro Barbosa

Festiwal Cyganski

Dances influenced by Romas (Gypsies) from around Europe. This unique dance has lots flair from its Roma brothers. Fast and precise, this dance doesn't miss a beat. Influences of the steps and characteristics are shared from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.
Choreography - Krysia Kovach & Robert Langtry


This is a very popular dance from the Mazowsze region because of its beautiful
medleys of songs and dances. The costumes depict the rich landscape of the
region filled with beautiful plains and luscious forests.
Choreography - Sandro Barbosa


Spisz is a dance from the southern part of Poland/northern part of Slovakia. The region is shared by the border. You will notice in this dance some highly influenced steps from the Slovak culture.
Choreography: Krysia Kovach & Robert Langtry


Krakow is well known not only as the site of the old capital city of Poland, but
also as a vibrant centre of rich folklore, historic traditions and the arts. The
Krakowiak is one of the most popular and characteristic Polish folk dances with
its very lively, even wild tempo and long, easy strides demonstrating spirited
abandon and elegance at the same time.
Choreography - Sandro Barbosa

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