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The Leaders


Krysia Kovach (nee Langtry)
Artistic Director & Choreographer

Krysia Kovach has been dancing for 26 years at the Polish Combatants’ Association with the Polish School of Dance S.P.K. Iskry and the Polish Dance Ensemble S.P.K. Iskry.

In 1992, she became a teaching assistant, then later an instructor and then reached her goal as choreographer in 1998. Currently, she serves as Artistic Director & Choreographer of the Polish Dance Ensemble S.P.K. Iskry.

Krysia obtained a choreography diploma from the Ministry of Culture in Poland through a 4 year Polish Choreography course in Rzeszow, Poland under the direction of Pani Alicja Haszczak.

Krysia is also a full time Early Years, French Immersion teacher and remains choreographer of the Polish School of Dance S.P.K. Iskry under the direction of Pani Bozena Langtry. She is also a member of the Hungarian Kapisztran Folk Dance Ensemble. Krysia has a strong passion for folklore and has participated and visited many folk festivals in Canada and in Europe.


Robert Langtry
Assistant Artistic Director & Choreographer

Robert Langtry is the Assistant Artistic Director & Chreographer of the Polish Dance Ensemble S.P.K. Iskry and has recently retired from dancing after performing in the ensemble for 12 years.

Bloodlines definitely are strong as he is the grandson of the late Henryk Lorenc, the founder of the ensemble, as well as brother to the Artistic Director & Choreographer, Krysia Kovach. His Polish dance training began at the age of 6 when he joined the Polish School of Dance S.P.K. Iskry.

Robert has attended Polish dance workshops and participated in 5 worldwide Polish dance festivals in Rzeszow, Poland.

Robert is a former President of the Polish Dance Ensemble SPK Iskry and has held other positions on the executive in the past.

The love of culture and dance is not restricted to his Polish heritage. Robert also dances for the Hungarian Dance Ensemble Kapisztran, and plays lead violin (Primista) in his local Folk band named “Czerwona Rzeka”

Robert is a Senior Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at a Marketing and Technology company in downtown Winnipeg.


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